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#Aprop experience by Llet Nostra

Organizes: EVAM, de Monells

  • Registrations
    • It is necessary to book 48 hours before the activity.
  • Location
    • EVAM, de Monells. 41°58'45.2
  • Apartats
    • Gastronomia

The #Aprop Experience explains what's behind a glass of milk. It consists of a visit to the Monells Vacuno Station (EVAM), a dairy cattle farm. A commented tour on milk production from different points of view: climate, animals, animal welfare, manure, landscape, socioeconomic environment ... An audiovisual to contextualize milk production with the participation of all the protagonists involved in production. An informative workshop on the properties of milk and a final tasting of the Llet Nostra product.

From wednesday to saturday mornings and evenings at 11h or 16h.

Booking is essential.

If you are interested in this activity you can contact the organizer.