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How can I create an artistic and artisanal project?

Organizes: Taller Escultura Aldana-Méndez

  • Registrations
    • Maximum 24 hours before the activity.
    • Make a reservation by phone or e-mail.
  • Location
    • C/Cavallers, 33 2-2 , La Bisbal d'Empordà
  • Apartats
    • Artesania

Art Afternoon at Pili's Workshop - A very active workshop to share.

Creating your own projects and discovering the infinite possibilities while talking, imagining and taking new chances is exhilarating. A mixture of intuition and wisdom!!!

We’ll take a tour of the workshop to see the works, find out about different materials and discover a variety of techniques for making sculptures and crafts. In particular we’ll venture through the world of GLASS, WOOD and CLAY.

Just after that we’ll start to imagine an artistic and artisanal PROJECT. We’ll have a fun brainstorming session with everyone involved - with young and old alike.  

 We’ll learn how to DRAW the project!!! Paper and pencil in hand. Everyone will have their own drawing, their own version. It’s exciting to draw whatever we have in mind to communicate the project.

We’ll make clay or cardboard MODELS or use whatever we need to finish off the details to see how our idea takes shape. This is the piece of work on a small scale, as an idea, in process, as a desire...

We’ll imagine how it will lead to producing the project by taking a tour of the works and selecting the techniques, materials and tools... exactly how we do it here in our workshops!!! This is how our works come to life.

 Workshop languages: Catalan, Spanish, French, English, Italian

Tour, demonstration of techniques and project creation - 3 hours.

Minimum 4 people - maximum 10.

Materials included.

Participants must bring work clothes, closed shoes and suitable protective equipment. Protective equipment is available in the workshop.

If you are interested in this activity you can contact the organizer.