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Mindfulness among sheep


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The experience of being in contact with the nature and with yourself!

Mindfulness is to focus our atention in the present moment, is a technique to aquire full consciusness, to focus in what's happenning right here, right now, accepting it without trying to change it or judge it, it's to concentrate in what's happenning inside of us and around us, and learn how to supress the sounds or distractions around.

During the experience we will deepen inside Mas Casas lands, where the meadows, trees and olive trees will invite us to pay full attention (mindfulness) to the senses: smell, hearing, touch and sight. We will be in a suitable place to find ourselves with both body presence and ease of mind.During the encounter we'll also be in touch with the sheeps and we'll let them come close and see what this moment awakes on us when we relate with them. Finnally, we will empower taste with some of our products tasting. 

The activity will be directed by Montserrat López Casas, meditation, yoga and aware dance and movement  teacher.

  • Activity in catalan, spanish or english.
  • No Animals besides Pigall dogs are allowed in the farmhouse.

If you are interested in this activity you can contact the organizer.