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Visit a textile art studio and live a tactile sensory experience

Organises: Sullà Studio

  • Price
    • 35€/person
  • Registrations
    • It is necessary to book 48 hours before the activity.
  • Languages
    • Catalan
    • Spanish
    • English
  • Duration
    • 1 hour
  • Apartats
    • Artesania

At Sullà Studio, Clara and her team,create handcrafted textiles with sensory textures. Which they apply for acoustic solutions and interior design projects. 

They solve echo and reverbaration issues adding art, wellbeing and singularity.

The artist, Clara Sullà, offers you a guided tour through her workshop. You will find out how they create handcraft acoustic-artistic solutions and finally you will live a sensory experience that will wake up your inspiration. 

Do you feel like visiting Sullà Studio creative univers?

Duration: 1h The activity can be done in Catalan, Spanish or English. 

The group needs to be at least of 4 people and top to 10 people.

Doing the activity other days or times rather than the scheduled is possible by contacting the company.

If you are interested in this activity you can contact the organizing company.