Campaign Experience the most authentic Empordà


The campaign "Experience the most authentic Empordà 2017" proposes activities that allow visitors to get in touch with local people and discover little-known aspects of their culture.

The campaign offers more than 40 activities which will be held from April 8 to 10 December 2017 and grouped under four themes.

- Creative Tourism: visit craftspeople in their workshops and/or make your own creation

- Villages full of charm: guided tours of mediaeval villages.

- Nature activities: activities to enjoy the activities exploring the landscape.

- Gastronomy: activities to learn about and taste the local food in the hands of producers/processors.

In addition, the territory restaurants offer menu "Escapada Empordà" that includes a dish with local products, local desserts, wine DO Empordà and ceramic tableware of la Bisbal.

More than 40 establishments have joined the campaign, including hotels, restaurants and companies offering tourism-related activities.

The campaign will be disseminated through the following media:

- Website available in four languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish, English and French), which can be accessed from any device (computer, tablet and mobile).

- Social networks through which they provide information on the guided tours, establishments in the campaign, all those events and attractions taking place in the five municipalities.

- Map. Map of the thematic activities and practical information. 15,000 quadrilingual copies (Catalan, Spanish, English and French) will be distributed in tourist establishments, tourist offices and accommodation facilities in the Costa Brava.


News in the media

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