German and Austrian travel bloggers and Italian television are interested in crafts and medieval villages of Empordanet


In May, a group of travel bloggers from Austria and Germany participated in the "Creative Travel Blogtrip" organized by the Tourist Board of the Costa Brava, discovering the destination and doing creative tourism activities. Bloggers were: Creativelena (Austria), CitySeaCountry (Austria), Telzeitreisender (Germany) and Freibeuter Reisen (Germany).

The group was led by travel blogger Creativelena, which previously had been a few days exploring the tradition of pottery in La Bisbal d'Empordà and living creative tourism experiences firsthand like potteries, sewing and home decorating workshops, horse riding and tasting local food, staying in rural tourism establishments.

On Saturday May 13 the group visited the Terracotta Museum and the shopping area of La Bisbal d'Empordà and were able to make their own artistic tile in a pottery mural workshop. After tasting Empordà cuisine at one of its restaurants, they take a guided tour of the Indiano past of the town of Corçà.

Furthermore, on Sunday May 14, the travel program "Kilimangiaro" of the Italian television RAI3 with a weekly chapter and 1.4 million viewers, visited the small charming villages of Cruïlles, Monells and Peratallada in as part of a trip to various tourist destinations of Costa Brava. His visit coincided with the celebration of the Festival of Cruïlles.


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