'Parant taula' in the shops of La Bisbal: Exhibition and collective sale of crockery from the show


Until January 2020, the Terracotta Museum has hosted the exhibition 'Parant taula', a display of crockery made by 20 ceramists from La Bisbal and which inspired twenty restaurants from the Cuina de l'Empordanet. And, as of yesterday, Wednesday 15 July, the crockery from the show was distributed to the shops in Bisbal d'Empordà. Each shop has a crockery and you can tour the town's shops while enjoying the items on display. In addition, there is also a purchase option and you can purchase the pieces you want.

The 'Parant taula' exhibition was created by the Bisbal d'Empordà Town Council with the aim of promoting Bisbal ceramics, but last year it took a step forward and strengthened its link with the world of the restoration. In this sense, the inclusion of La Cuina de l'Empordanet in the project made it possible to publicize the quality of the cuisine and products of the territory, and at the same time, it will also serve to show a traditional and emblematic trade such as that of the ceramicist. 'Parant taula' is an initiative promoted by the Associació de Ceramistes de la Bisbal, with the collaboration of the Ajuntament de la Bisbal d'Empordà and the Terracotta Museum, and the participation of La Cuina de l'Empordanet.