Lets know how important is the role of sheeps on farms

  • Registrations
    • Maximum 24 hours before the activity.
  • Location
    • Veïnat Les Terreres, 12 (17116) Cruïlles
  • Languages
    • Catalan
    • Spanish
    • French
    • English
  • Apartats
    • Natura

The guided visit to the Mas Casas farmhouse, in Cruïlles, is a way to explain the importance of extensive farming and the use of natural resources and the local product consum.

The visit starts discovering the existing life in the first 30cm of land, which is where all the micro-organisms that generate life in the planet live, and the importance of shepherding to combat climate change. 

Afterwards we explain how to  take care of a flock of sheeps, respecting their vital natural rythmsof the animals. We also explain some curiosities about the animals and offer the chance of petting a lamb.

Finally we enlighten the variety of products that can be obtained from a sheep: lamb meat, sheepskin, wool or milk.

During the activity, suitable for all ages, we transit through diferent open and close spaces of the farmhouse. The milking room or the workroom ar not for to be visited.

Apart from the visit, before or after the it, if you wish, you can enjoy our leisure space and our products. 

  • Activity in catalan, spanish, english or french.
  • Animals are not allowed except for pigall dogs.

If you are interested in this activity, you can contact the organizing entity.