Romanesque in Cruïlles


Cruïlles is a little village characterized by its medieval past that still has part of its wall and the central keep of its old castle. From atop of the circular twenty-six-meter-high tower, which can be found in the middle of the town square, you will have an exceptional panoramic of the monastery of Sant Miquel de Cruïlles with les Gavarres as backdrop and the plains of l'Empordanet stretching to the sea.

The Benedictine Monastery of Sant Miquel in Cruïlles is an excellent example of Romanesque Catalan architecture. In recent years, it has undergone diverse conservation and restoration processes. Inside*, there are fantastic Romanesque painters of Lyons and of the betrayal of Judas, the great baptismal font made from a single piece and other interesting features such as Gothic ossuaries and sepulchres. You can also see the Biga de Cruïlles, a polychromatic, Romanesque beam which is currently displayed at the Girona Art Museum.

*The management of access to the interior of the monastery of Sant Miquel de Cruïlles corresponds to the Area of Culture of the Consell Comarcal del Baix Empordà.