The Iberian city of Ullastret

The Iberian city of Ullastret is considered to be the largest town discovered to date on the Iberian Peninsula. Located on a small hill, the Iberian city of Ullastret overlooks the gentle and peaceful countryside of the Empordanet. Between VIth and IInd centuries BC it was one of the largest concentrations of population in the pr-Roman Iberian Peninsula, and the capital town of the indiketes. Strolling among its streets, houses and stately buildings, exploring its magnificient city walls and visiting the museum, will take you back more than 2.500 years ago, at eh heart of the Iberian culture.

The Archaeological Museum of Catalonia in Ullastret organises guided trips to help you interpret this heritage.

Make the most of the chance to see the virtual 3D reconstruction of this city in the Museum.

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