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Mindfullnes breathing in lavender


  • Location
    • c/ Sant Joan, 10. Casavells
  • Languages
    • Catalan
  • Duration
    • 2 hours
  • Apartats
    • Natura

Dive in the Baix Empordà calm through our Mindfulness workshop in the middle of lavender fields.

In the middle of the lavender fields that gently say with the wind, the breathing mindfulness becomes a soul balm.

In this serene enviroment, the full attention is not only a practice but a gift that allows us to find calm in the simplicity of breathing and the subtle beauty of the lavender fields.Every bretahing becomes a close encounter with the floral fragance, transforming the apparently easy action of inhaling and exhaling in a rich experience for body and mind.

Here the lavender is not just the background curtain but an ally that empowers our connection with the present and helps freeing our accumulated tensions. As an ending we'll do a tasting of our lavender honey.

The workshop is conducted by Dolors Casado from Mindfulness Costa Brava, mindfulness teacher.

Minimum of 6 people.

Comfortable clothing

If you are interested in this activity you can contact the organizer.